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Re: NYC: the return of openLoop, June 11; call for loopers

just sold my lp1...otherwise I'd be down.

- jim

On Sunday, June 7, 2009, Omid Shirazi <smoking@guru-records.com> wrote:
> Hi Tom,
> here is a demo of my selfmade audiovisual instrument "vision 
> I have posted it once on the forum, but it seemed not getting through!I 
>live in cologne/germany and have made this instrument myself
> Hope you enjoy, Omid
> audio visual artistmailto: smoking@guru-records.comphone: +49-178-78 52 
> Am 02.06.2009 um 06:11 schrieb Tom Ritchford:
> Hello, Loopers.  I'm very happy to announce the return of openLoop 
>http://loopny.com/ at the Jack the Pelican Presents gallery 
>http://jackthepelicanpresents.com/, as part of the Northside Arts 
>Festival.  http://www.northsidefestival.com/
> I'll be starting to loop around 6PM and we'll be going late.
> I'll send the finalized information closer to the date but I'd also like 
>to call for loopers who wish to participate in this activity to contact 
> There's no pay but there are a gazillion people and press and I'll be 
>documenting and recording all of it.
> (In fact, I have all four days suddenly - Thursday's openLoop, Friday's 
>probably DJs, Saturday is bands and groups, Sunday's acoustic, so if you 
>have something entertaining that you'd like to show off in a gallery, lay 
>it on me.)
> loop on....
> --
>      /t