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Re: GIG SPAM + UStream this sunday

Matt and Steve excellent, will look forward to catching your respective sets.  This time and technology are so amazing that we can do this.  Though I've had some good traditional venue gigs with good turnout I can't tell you how many times it's gone the other way re attendance where I was playing for the bar keep, waitress and me regardless of how much legwork [yes I have quite a pair! (hah!)] and energy I put in to trying to drum up an audience.  It's just luck of the draw regardless of what we do, my experience.
The four now webcasts/ustreams I've done have all had virtual draw with three of them being 20+ steady connected which has amazed me - it's such a gift to have an audience there and largely many of them from this community supporting each other, that really really means a great deal and I'm sure Matt, Steve, Rainer, Jeff will echo that.
This all said in answer to Matt I'm not doing one this Sunday.  I did last Sunday and I'm trying to establish my series as a bi-weekly thing as a) I don't want to wear out a good thing and b) the idea is to build the performance series almost akin to a TV thing hence my moniker of Sunday Morning at 11.  I will however have to interrupt my time slot as we're away on vacation over what would be my next weekend (6/21) so I"m planning the next Sunday... to be June 28th if all goes well.  With that show I'm planning to have a guest, another duo partner of mine the percussionist who was on the ReUse record, Will Romano.  We have a duo project called East of Where.  If all goes well we'll be doing the show that Sunday from Will's house in Mastic, NY.  On that theme when Daryl is out here (meaning NY) in a few weeks if we can work it out I"m planning to have us do a Chinapainting show as my Sunday show for around that time, probably later July.
Sidebar to those who have interest in blues Will is also an excellent published music writer with two books out on Backbeat Books on Jimmy Reed and Hubert Sumlin.
Best to all and Matt/Steve, great shows on Sunday, I'll be in the front row if all possible.