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Gig spam - Bay Area tonight w/Matt Davignon

As the 15th gig of my tour, tonight Matt Davignon and I will be doing 
duo and solo looping stuff in Oakland, at 21 Grand. Been looking forward 
to this one for a while, we did a gig last October and my tapes and his 
drum machine rig seem to have a certain understanding.

We start at 8, and after us is Cylinder, w/Aram Shelton, Darren 
Johnston, Liza Mezzacappa, & Kjell Nordeson. heavies!


And tomorrow Ted Killian and I are going to get down in Ashland OR...on 
Sunday, Nevyn Nowhere and I will do our thing in Portland...next 
Wednesday I'll be playing with Krispen in Boise.  Gonna be a sweet week.!

Daryl Shawn