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Re: GIG SPAM + UStream this sunday

Yeah I did think of that Rainer and will see but to be honest my wife told me a long time ago when I started chasing my muse in this chapter that she and the kids had no desire to be my 'groupies' which was more pointed to please don't book gigs while we are on family holiday which I've been guilty of doing. 
I'll see how it goes as yes I could be live from Maine which I've gigged in before - when we were on vacation up there (arg).  I do appreciate the support on this.  As supportive as my family has been re my music in many ways, in the end it always seems that it's better when I don't involve them in my pursuits but we'll see.  July will also interrupt Sunday Morning at 11 as Daryl and I are doing 4 CP shows, 2 in Ohio, 1 Philly and 1 NY so not sure how the sch'd will play.  I do hope that I can sch'd a CP ustream as announced.
Look foward to yours on Saturday Rainer.  Do you use any other wind instruments ever?  I was a horn player growing up (Sax/CLarinet/flute) till I finalized on guitar.  In my experimenting with other instruments last few years I've gotten into Native American wood flutes.  Anyhow I know I"m OT right now, sorry folks...

On Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 3:05 PM, Rainer Straschill <moinsound@googlemail.com> wrote:
> I will however have to interrupt my time slot as we're away on vacation over what would be my next weekend (6/21)

I know I may be a little over the edge again, but...

...while you're on vacation, isn't there an internet connection that
you could hook your laptop+webcam up to and do a "roadshow" - kind of?


ReUse, an introspective textural aural journey coming soon...

music links...

video work/editing...

social networking...