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OT or not OT (was: GIG SPAM + UStream this sunday)


> Look foward to yours on Saturday Rainer.  Do you use any other wind 
>instruments ever?
> I was a horn player growing up (Sax/CLarinet/flute) till I finalized on 
>guitar.  In my experimenting with other instruments last few years I've 
>gotten into Native American wood flutes.

Good question...besides trombone, (and another trombone), I do own an
alto and a very nice soprano sax (and have been doing some nice stuff
with the soprano in the past, but they have both been collecting dust
for years). I never had any training on saxophone, but did manage to
do some beautiful things on them nonetheless (or at least that's what
I believe).

Then there's a soprano recorder (Möllnhauer, if anyone knows what I'm
talking about) which I got dead cheap at ebay for the equivalent of
$2.50 back then, which I sometimes apply for ugly effects (Jeff -
wasn't there a session we did where I would accompany your playing
with its ugly tweeting?). I also have a harmonica, and just the other
day, I was able to get a pro quality melodica (Hohner Professional 36,
if anyone is interested) at a great price - and that will no doubt see
some use in the near future.

Then again - wind instruments, let's see...aged about six, I was
featured for a full show (some 45 minutes) on BR (Bavarian national
radio), playing among other things bottles with a hairdryer and
holding music boxes to different resonators and while playing pinching
the thing with tweezers. I remember it was a great effect (and here
we're back on topic with looping) to play a music box over and over
held against a bath tub while the water runs out...

A happy vacation to you, Jim!