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Re: OT or not OT (was: GIG SPAM + UStream this sunday)

Wow that's a history of a lot of wind!  Excellent, add some of that to your trombone ustream's - I still think you ought to promo your series in the brass forums though you may get some less than flexible souls meaning 'this is how you play the trombone and only way that you play the trombone' kind of folks.  Actually loop some soprano sax and trombone stuff.
Your last para sounds like the early John Cage YouTUbe clip someone on the list posted sometime back when Cage was on the I've Got a Secret in the early 60's - think this was it... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSulycqZH-U and yes we're indirectly back on looping.
Good stuff Rainer and thanks re our fam trip, going to be great to get back up north it's kind of ala Per's and Ronny's land here in the States...