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Re: Anyone into multi (frequency) band panning?

Hi Per

panning... yes, one of my favorite looping topics :)

Personally, I like occasionally putting a pan delay on high frequencies 
(i.e. hihats etc.). Gives a nice spacious open sound.
Low frequencies, I find panning a waste.
Mid freqs, I'd like to control it manually, usually panning hard 

Some other thoughts:
- Automate panning of your loops right from the beginning. I.e. 
Loop1=Center, Loop2=Hard Right, Loop3=Hard Left, Loop4=Mid Right, 
Loop5=Mid Left, Loop6=Center... etc.
- Use designated midi control knobs for each loop (several loopers or i.e. 
Ableton Live clips)

Overall, I enjoy very much positioning each loop in a specific (or 
dynamic) position manually.

best regards

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