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Re: Anyone into multi (frequency) band panning?

>> To be specific, this is exactly what I'm
>> intending:
>> 1. Split a signal into a number of parallel paths.
>> 2. In each path, apply a steep EQ to isolate a certain frequency band.
>> 3. In each path, apply dynamic panning ("auto-pan" kind of processing).
>> 4. Sum all paths into a final stereo output.

Sorry, there's more.... I may want to use three or four frequency
bands to apply different dynamic panning to each band. I will not only
use non tempo related panning rates but also "presets" of particular
beat-synced rhythms that use three or four patterns in combination. I
was just wondering if someone has tried this with looping?

(yes, there are plug-ins that do this but I want to build the
processing in a multi channel routing setup in order to make my own

Anyway, I'll try this out in a couple of weeks.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen