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Re: From home after the Live looping Festival "in Rome"

Dear friends,
                        I want to thanks everyone who was involved in the Rome Loopfest, both performers and the staff, who made possible realize for the first time this kind of event in Italy.
I think you all saw me stressed (as I really was), but at the same time  it was a true joy and fun for me have you playing-jocking-chatting here.
If I go back to the Zurich memories (in 2005) when Bernhard Wagner introduced me to this world, I'd never thought that after a few years I'd make it by myself.
So I'm really happy, because I DID IT !
...and because - as usual - it was a precious learning experience about music, softwares, looping stuff,  and a lot of other things....
Thanks to Xavier and his wife Giovanna for the audio/video recording they made in Rome and Florence, for the interviews and the (future) rendering work.
I want also to thanks Sabika, who presentend the show, giving me the chance to play at the festival.
Thanks to Giuseppe, my dearest friend-brother, for putting so much energy (and fun) for his precious help.
I'll keep you informed by the mail list about the audio/video recordings.
In the week-end I'll complete the upload of my photos at:
P.S: anyone have photos of me playing (Antwerp-Florence-Rome) ? It seems like apart two pics fby Darkroom, ther's no photo of me playing....