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OT: Help! Need advice about HP and Firewire Audio.

I've been up and down the ol' information superhighway and I can't for
the life of me find anything on this, so I'm hoping a LDer might be
able to shed some light on this for me.

I'm seriously considering transitioning my Toshiba laptop to become a
general use computer and replacing it with a decent, but budget priced
desktop PC.  In my search HP keeps coming up as decently priced and
featured.  One of the features they seem to have is on board Firewire.
 The problem is my MOTU 828 recommends only using the Firewire cards
with a TI chipset.  I can't find anything about the HPs that mention
what chipset they use.  I've written and called and got no response
from their sales dept. (way to go HP!)

Anyway, has anyone had success using recent HP desktop machines with
firewire audio?  Should I not care and just get any computer and
install a Firewire card?