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Re: OT: Help! Need advice about HP and Firewire Audio.

Just a general note on my experience with Compaq/HP.  We have a very
inexepensive Compaq desktop that we got for my wife and daughter.
Caveat here is that I have no idea how it is with FW.  All they use it
for is internet, schoolwork, Office, Email.  But, it runs 24 hours a
day and has for 2 years.  The only problem we had was the NIC went
bad.  I just bought a NIC card and it's been fine since.  So, from
that perspective, I'm happy with Compaq/HP.

I, on the other hand, prefer to build my own.

A friend of mine used this company to configure systems for their
office desktops.


You can pick which components you want and the price, from what I
recall, was reasonable.  They use good components, and the cases are
cool. ;)

On Thu, Jun 11, 2009 at 10:28 AM, Mark Sottilaro<zerocrossing@gmail.com> 
> I've been up and down the ol' information superhighway and I can't for
> the life of me find anything on this, so I'm hoping a LDer might be
> able to shed some light on this for me.
> I'm seriously considering transitioning my Toshiba laptop to become a
> general use computer and replacing it with a decent, but budget priced
> desktop PC.  In my search HP keeps coming up as decently priced and
> featured.  One of the features they seem to have is on board Firewire.
>  The problem is my MOTU 828 recommends only using the Firewire cards
> with a TI chipset.  I can't find anything about the HPs that mention
> what chipset they use.  I've written and called and got no response
> from their sales dept. (way to go HP!)
> Anyway, has anyone had success using recent HP desktop machines with
> firewire audio?  Should I not care and just get any computer and
> install a Firewire card?