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RE: OT: Help! Need advice about HP and Firewire Audio.


> > I've had absolutely horrible experiences with two Mac Minis :-)


> What was the problem?

> Drive or logic board failures?


After a year (and out of warranty natch) one had a superdrive go out

and would just start spontaneously rebooting.  After several years of

just living with the reboots I finally tracked it down to a subtle

timing problem between two RAM sticks, which BTW were an "officially

matched pair".  Pulled one out and it's been fine ever since.


The other had a catastrophic disk corruption while copying a large

file when the main volume was near full.  After about a week farting

around with both TechTools and Disk Warrior (which cost me $200 since

the built-in Apple recovery tools are crap) I was able to recover most

of it.


Moving over to software, the 10.3 to 10.4 upgrade was not pleasant,

several apps broke (though in fairness I use a lot of "unusual" things

like emacs).  Apple doesn't seem to be particularly shy about breaking

backward compatibility on major releases.


The way iMail manages it's mail folders is silly and incompatible with

every other mail client on the planet.  Try to import mail from

another system.  Your choices?  Eudora and Netscape.  Who the @&^#*)$

uses those anymore?


I haven't tried it lately but trying to get a Mac to use a printer

attached to a PC used to be a bloody nightmare involving ghostscript

and virtual printer drivers.


And don't get me started on their programming environment and APIs.

Beauty is indeed skin deep.