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Re: OT: Help! Need advice about HP and Firewire Audio.

Thanks for the info.  That's not good at all.  Perhaps their desktops
are more sturdy though... I they're all we use at work, and we're
doing a lot of 3d work that's pretty processor intensive and they seem
to hold up well.  Our IT people said they've had good experiences with

On Fri, Jun 12, 2009 at 7:28 AM, Ian Petersen<iep@mail.dk> wrote:
> mark,
>> Anyway, has anyone had success using recent HP desktop machines with
>> firewire audio?
> I don't have any experience with HP desktop machines, but the HP Pavilion
> laptop I had recently was the worst laptop I've ever owned. 17" top of 
> range 'multimedia' model, but Firewire was dreadful (admittedly I was 
> a TC Konnekt interface which are famously buggy). Ricoh chipset I think. 
> whole machine fell to bits after a year (and it basically never left my
> coffee table) ...
> Ian