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octave shifter and panning on the cheap

how timely.....last week i discovered the "auto pan" button on my INEKO and after playing with it for awhile, fell in love with the "dynamic" movement of the sound (stereo ?).....it makes something "simple", my middle name, sound much more interesting.....3 knobs: center, width, rate.....i split the mono sig coming out of my rang and send the 2 lines into the INEKO then the mixer.....this is then sent to my VORTEX (thanks stano) and then into my Q-2....one note going madcap.....secondly, the "transpose" knobs: mix, transpose1, transpose2, allow for pitch shifting (-octave,0,+octave).....if you stay below 12 o'clock you avoid the chipmonk sound, if you so desire.....:).....it is so much fun playing with the knobs and "shifting" the pitches as a loop plays.....and if you have pitch shift happening prior to the loop you can get some mad harmonies going on.....luv it!.....granted, the INEKO is not anywhere as deep as the previous mentioned boxes but for something you can carry in your pocket, it contains mucho mojo.....i've had mine for years and every time i use it there is the inevitable "HOLY SHIT" moment, "i didn't know it could do that".....but as i said, i'm simple.....:)m

p.s. A NITE OF ZAZZ @ I.C.A.G. (INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN'S ART GALLERY) pittsburgh, july 17th.....featuring: davignon/klobuchar/rickard/sciulli.....and if you can get here, you too can be on the bill!!!!!.....stay tuned!