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RE: computer stuff, Firewire etc. (was multiple threads)

> As I understand (have been reading up a little, sometimes from people
> who have at least a little bit of IEEE1394 aura, like the engineering
> staff at RME), the problem is like this: even if you buy a IEEE1394
> card with a TI chipset, you're still out of luck if your computer uses
> a Ricoh (or other "bad") chipset to interface with that card.

I've heard that but I'm not sure it's true.  I've got both a TI
and an NEC chipset (one motherboard, one card) and it works fine
with two MOTU devices which claim to hate the NEC chipset.

I've also seen a forum posting that says you might need to go into
device manager and disable the driver for the motherboard device.

I find it hard to believe that the presence of a Ricoh chip
on a motherboard with a disabled driver can somehow interfere 
with the operation of a Firewire device on a PCI card.