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Augustus Loop, Little Spacy and Crossfade Loop Synth (was RE: Antwerp Loopfest - video)

Os and Per,
Thanks for the explanation regarding the looping/delay features. I've been
playing with Crossfade Loop Synth in Mainstage yesterday and got it working
once I turned on the record and the 3 drone buttons. I especially liked the
drone feature and Per: I suppose this is what you mean by "having three
instances of Augustus Loop all in overdub mode and set to different pitch

Btw: the manual says "You can play notes from the effect over MIDI, 
your host application supports this (not all hosts allow passing notes to
effects, only to synths)." I think that Mainstage is 1 of them because I
can't get this feature to work. Or? 

Anyway, another very cool plugin :)
Sjaak - "The Flying Dutchman"