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Re: New free toys in Mac v10.5

As Per mentions, that's always been possible - either via the IAC bus,
or like Augustus Loop does it, which is for the plug-in to define its
own MIDI out port which the application can connect to.

Fundamentally though, this all sucks. What's needed in the AU spec is
a way for a plug-in to directly control the host transport. Not via
MIDI - directly. Like ReWire does.

I mean, if Augustus Loop knows it wants to run at 104bpm, it wants to
be able to tell the host "104bpm", not sit there emitting MIDI clock
messages at an appropriate rate that the host may then more or less
interpret as about 104bpm.

Alternatively, all hosts could implement OSC control. Then the plug-in
could just send the messages over OSC and not worry about the AU or
VST specs.


2009/6/12 Sjaak <tcplugin@scarlet.be>:
>>    - New audio unit properties in the Audio Unit framework that let 
>>    units send MIDI data to host applications
> Like sending midi clock from a looper au-plugin? That would be great!
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