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Re: octave shifter for winds

i have used a whammy for years, very reliable machine.
i switched to a digitech vocal 300 for basic fx. it includes most whammy 
functions and has prog up/down footswitches.
(i was fed up with bending down to change the whammy's settings.)
the vocal 300 gets kinda funny once in a while, changing the 
soundprocessing parameters erratically and sounding really shitty.
you will have to change the prog and go back again to where you were for 
resetting that.

downside of the fireworx is that programming it is a science in itself. 
also it needs to think very long (2-3 sec) when changing programs.
that is a serious downside on stage.

i avoid pitch shifters with pitch recognition as they are not scanning 
flute and sax correctly enough. also they need just a few millisecs 
longer and they get irritated easily by leakage from other instruments 
on stage.

good luck - tilmann

>> Anyone have any recommendation for a hardware octave shifter for wind
>>> instruments?  I was looking at the EHX POG2, anyone tried playing
>>> something other than guitars through it?
>> I used a TC Electronics FireworX rack unit effect processor for a
>> while.