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Re: octave shifter for winds

At 8:54 AM -0400 6/12/09, Brian Good wrote:
>I use a TC Helicon Voiceworks with a soprano sax. It does 
>multi-voice pitch-shifting, so you can channel Jon Hassell and play 
>parallel chords. The Voiceworks is a bit expensive, and TC also has 
>some pitch-related stomp boxes as well; they may be cheaper. Note 
>that pitch-shifting by as much as an octave might lead to some 
>formant weirdness/chipmunkification, if you care.

I'll second the recommendation for the Helicon Voiceworks.  I've got 
one that I keep dedicated to my WX-11/VL70-m wind synthesis rack. 
It'll do everything Brian says it will and more: fantastic for 
everything from Hassell-like harmonic effects to turning a single 
horn into an entire wind section realistically.  It'll even take a 
monophonic slide guitar patch and emulate a full-blown pedal steel 
complete with benders.

Worth every penny when used on winds.  Just brilliant.

"bye-bye empire; empire, bye-bye"