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Re: Loopers delight, you are amazing

Heh, I sent my note before seeing yours, Nevyn. thanks for the nice 
words on my stuff, I definitely return those compliments. I'm very happy 
to hear it was recorded, can't wait to hear that.!

I also have neglected in my busy days to say public thanks to Dave 
Trenkel for setting me up with a sweet venue, doing promo and hosting me 
in Corvallis, OR. This tour wouldn't be half what it is w/out my LD 
peeps, I'll echo Nevyn again.

(Rev - yup, I made it to Shellac, great show).

Daryl Shawn

> Just wanted to thank the list for hooking up loopers in Portland.  
> Daryl Shawn and I played a show in an east coast type club this 
> afternoon (small, boxy, but speakers carried sound oh so nicely); he 
> really does some seriously amazing guitar and vintage/old school 
> technology looping.  Really really enjoyed it. We even had a few other 
> loopers show up from the list (send me your contact info guys!).
> Just wanted to say Loopers Delight, you are great; and that includes 
> all of you on the list.