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Re: thanks list

Ted, thanks to YOU for setting up the show, hosting and playing your 
burning future guitar w/me. A heady and exhilarating experience! Looking 
forward to hearing the recordings. thanks too for the good wishes. 
looking forward to next time.


Daryl Shawn

> Daryl,
> Thanks also for stopping and playing in Southern Oregon on your way 
> through to Portland.
> I had fun . . . I hope you did too.
> I also mad a recording of our gig on my little H2 - which I will share 
> with you at some point (probably upload it to Box.net).
> The recordings sound better than one might think.
> Much of the material sounds pretty good in fact (particularly the 
> duets we did).
> Continue to have fun and drive safe on your tour.
> Best regards,
> Ted