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XY controller pedal.

For a long time, I've had a dream...

My dream is for a midi controller pedal that's kind of like the ones
that come with the Zoom G9.2tt


Basically a pedal with with two vectors for control. Rather than a
swivel I'd like for it to be pressure sensitive like aftertouch on a

I think it would be an amazing boon to guitarists and really any
instrumentalist who's hands are both tied up with those silly "notes."
 I wrote to IK about this a long time ago but they just put out a very
boring (but functional) USB2/Control pedal-audio IO device with
nothing very exciting.

Is there anything like this?  I'd hate to have to get an entire
effects processor just for that functionality.  Can something like
this be custom made?  A regular pedal retrofitted? Can peanutbutter
and chocolate combine in some sort of delicious candy?