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Re: XY controller pedal.

I am friends with someone high up at Zoom and have been telling them  
this already...

there is the Moog MP-201

fingers crossed...


On Jun 17, 2009, at 1:28 AM, Mark Sottilaro wrote:

> For a long time, I've had a dream...
> My dream is for a midi controller pedal that's kind of like the ones
> that come with the Zoom G9.2tt
> http://www.zoom.co.jp/english/products/g92tt/index.php
> Basically a pedal with with two vectors for control. Rather than a
> swivel I'd like for it to be pressure sensitive like aftertouch on a
> keyboard.
> I think it would be an amazing boon to guitarists and really any
> instrumentalist who's hands are both tied up with those silly "notes."
> I wrote to IK about this a long time ago but they just put out a very
> boring (but functional) USB2/Control pedal-audio IO device with
> nothing very exciting.
> Is there anything like this?  I'd hate to have to get an entire
> effects processor just for that functionality.  Can something like
> this be custom made?  A regular pedal retrofitted? Can peanutbutter
> and chocolate combine in some sort of delicious candy?