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Father's Day Interview Series for QRD

Hey Starz,

The newest issue of QRD interviews about a dozen musician dad's about 
balancing family & art.  The interviewees are Nicholas Slaton of 
slicnaton, Shaun Sandor of Promute, Chris Bonner of THe BAcksliders, 
Matthew Kendall of Rogue Motel, Bevan Hurd of The Very Foundation, Michael 
Jarmer of Here Comes Everybody, Chris Williams of Maple Stave, Brian John 
Mitchell of Remora, Kyle Monday of Carta, Bill Tollner of Amadan, Sacha 
Galvagna of Carta, Robert Brown of Northern Valentine, & Benjamin 
LÝzninger of LÝzninger.  Hope you dig it.

Brian John Mitchell

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