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Re: blech (pedal choices

Subject: Re: blech (pedal choices
From: marcus <nrvana8775@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2009 11:18:14 -0500
>For a somewhat updated version of the dl4, check out the damage control
>I read that some of the guys who worked on the DL4 went to that company. I
>absolutely love mine for reverse, ping, multi, and a pretty decent chorus
>sound. It has a lot of options that my memory lane and replica don't.

Before I bought a Nova Delay, I tried out both the BOSS DD-20 and Line6
DL4 side by side.  The DL4's delays were really nice - but the
problematic switches; and inability to dial something up without saving
and bypass it put me right off.
The Nova Delay is real pretty, however it doesn't go quite as far as the
DL4 with distortion, wow-flutter, etc.  Which was a disappointment.  But
it's definitely a great pedal.
The Damage control timeline looks great, but if I buy another delay
pedal, I need midi sync.  Which with my tiny budget really limits me to
either the Boss DD-20 or the Eventide TimeFactor.   
I have some reservations about the TimeFactor and just waiting to see
what updates Eventide provide to see if they can address them.

Apart from the Boss RC-50, EH 2880, or Blackline Engineering 
Riff Box, I'd like to know of any other good stereo looper pedals with
midi sync & control, expandable non-volatile memory allowing for stereo
loops measured in several or more minutes, USB access to samples,
quantise, overdub, undo, etc, etc.  
It doesn't seem to be a big ask with today's technology, and yet what's
out there is pretty disappointing.
-- G.