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Re: octave shifter for winds

G wrote:

> Hi Sylvain
> I've been playing chromatic and diatonic harmonica through my Micro POG
> for maybe 18 months now.  I love it.  The latency is fractional and
> opens up a world of effects the harp can sound good with.
> I've been told it generates the sub octave and octave up tones, rather
> than pitch shift the signal. Whatever it does, it's a smooth synth kind
> of tone for harmonica and when you've got all three dials up and add
> plenty of reverb, it sounds like a reed organ.  :)

:-) that sounds like fun.

I thought the Micro Pog actually had quite noticeable latency just on
the pitch up octave.
I also didn't like the out of tuneness of the high octave, which
I guess is designed for "12 guitar string" sound.

It's essentially a harmoniser type algorithm with smaller
time slices than usual, and really good pitch tracking.

> I was going to save up and buy a second Micro POG, and really glad I
> didn't.  I'll be closely watching reviews on the EH POG2, it has all the
> features that I was interested in the POG and HOG, but a fraction of the
> size, a better stronger enclosure, and similar price to the SMMH.

Ah...that sounds interesting