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Re: OT: Eno about record busines

>Mark Sottilaro wrote:
>"I'd go one step further than Dr. Eno and say that people don't even go
>to a show for the music or performance, but more often for the chance
>to be with a group of like-minded people. (and to drink beer and
>convince a member of the opposite sex to have sex with you)  The music
>is an excuse."
>At local indie rock shows at the Crepe Place (which has become a haven for
>touring Indie
>rock bands of note in Santa Cruz)  I've noticed that the lion share of the
>audience is really
>attentive and obviously responding to specific musical events.
>It is also possible to get a beer buzz on,   flirt with someone of the
>opposite sex AND actually listen to music, you know.
>And then, there are the plethora of music oriented shows at the Kuumbwa
>Jazz center and the various small venues that put on ethnic music and new
>music shows.   Here, the lion share of the audiences are extremely
>concentrated on sound.
>Maybe SF is different,   but I kind of doubt it.

 From what I've seen SF is less about the opposite sex thing...  :-D