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Re: OT: Eno about record busines

Mark Sottilaro wrote:

"I'd go one step further than Dr. Eno and say that people don't even go
to a show for the music or performance, but more often for the chance
to be with a group of like-minded people. (and to drink beer and
convince a member of the opposite sex to have sex with you)  The music
is an excuse."

I think you may be correct about a lot of people, Mark,   but I think it's
very inaccurate
to infer that all people have this motivation.

I know a lot of people where I live who are great lovers of music and go
to shows to
see music being played.   I'm certainly one of those people.

At local indie rock shows at the Crepe Place (which has become a haven for
touring Indie
rock bands of note in Santa Cruz)  I've noticed that the lion share of the
audience is really
attentive and obviously responding to specific musical events.

It is also possible to get a beer buzz on,   flirt with someone of the
opposite sex AND actually listen to music, you know.

And then, there are the plethora of music oriented shows at the Kuumbwa
Jazz center and the various small venues that put on ethnic music and new
music shows.   Here, the lion share of the audiences are extremely
concentrated on sound.

Maybe SF is different,   but I kind of doubt it.