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: OT: Eno about record business

 Regarding 20th century  tours supporting recording sales,  this describes signed acts,with the record company putting up the cash to record ,press distribute and promote . When the artist played a gig the company made sure it was advertised,the recordings in the local shops and getting played on the local radio. MAjors tended to have control of distribution channels,and media access. In exchange they got the lion's share of the net,after expenses were taken out to the artist's cut,which also ha to cover  managment , acountants, lawyers,crew etc..  Differnet story  for the unsigned who had to do it all themselves- hard to coordinate when on the road- or hire agents and managers. But most acts have to tour to make a living  either way. Fine with me,I oove to play.
  For  a minute .late 80s through early 00s one could do pretty well on self produced recordings,getting 100% instead of the 10% or less of most contracts. These days Media expects content to be free or cheap,realtiy TV is ,amng other thigs a way of not paying screen actors guild rates ,( the trend in global capitalisim is trying to avoid labor costs ) There are so many cable ,internet,and sattelite channels thes days that it' not that hard to get stuff broadcast. It seems to me it should be possible to parley such possibilities into sales.