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Re: ot: In search of suggestions for odd stompboxes

Dear list,

thanks to all of you who replied to my question for "odd stompboxes" -
and it seems there are some recurring suggestions. However, I'd like
to trim my requirements more sharply, and also comment on some of the

1. distortion/fuzz (mainly ZVEX suggestions):
I'm not so much the distortion guy. Which also has to do with the fact
that they tend not to work too well post-loop with stuff which isn't a
monophonic guitar or something like it.
Of course, I'm to blame myself for getting all these suggestions - for
saying "nonlinear" in my initial message. I was more looking into the
"unexpected behaviour" corner here, not so much into the "clip the
input signal until it's square" one.

2. beat-synced stuff (like Adrenalinn, Boss Slicer):
I forgot to mention that I also have a Nord Micromodular at my
disposal. This is great for all of these things (already built a Boss
Slicer replacement with it - which actually allows you to program your
own patterns), so nothing needed here - unless it's really much more
innovative than a modulated filter or modulated amplitude or something
like that.

3. Those really obscure manufacturers (Devi Ever, Squarewave Parade):
I'm residing in Germany, and if the local music store doesn't carry
it, ordering an expensive effects pedal from the U.S. might be an
issue even with a good return policy with all the customs and taxes
crap going on.

4. Delays:
unless it's doing something I can't do combining it with one of my
delays (I'll be using the things in combination with a mixer, so
putting something in the feedback chain of a delay is possible for
me), I wouldn't need another one.

Now Mark (and some others) recommended Electro Harmonix.Anyone
familiar with the Flanger Hoax
(http://www.ehx.com/products/flanger-hoax)? Looks cool, and I like the
Andy suggested the jomox T-Resonator - which looks like a lot of fun
from some vids found on youtube as well...
Erdem you suggested both the Ringtone and the Freq Box - both of which
gave me the idea to try and replicate this concept in the Micromodular
(thought about that re the Ringtone before, but the idea got lost).

Actually, some of the device ideas from those faraway small companies
could really be a starting point for me with regard to simulating
building my own, so to speak.

Thanks again to all of you - and keep those suggestions coming, if you
can still think of one!

And as said above, any comment on the Flanger Hoax would be very welcome.