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Re: ot: In search of suggestions for odd stompboxes

Hi Rainer
+1 for the Adrenalinn 3!   Fantastic unit.  From clean & subtle to
whacked out crazy.  Even better with a midi foot controller.
I avoided multiFX for years before finding this last year.
Lots of great modulation effects, from subtle autopanning to sequenced
filter.  The sequenced tremolo is more versatile than the slicer... well
okay, the Ad3 has mono input and slicer has stereo input - but you can
program your own sequences over two measures.  Random flanger is loads
of fun.  the amp(with booster), compressor & modulation order can be
moved around.  Followed by delay & reverb.

Tony K - I think it's definitely worth the upgrade to 3.0.3
The amp sims are apparently a lot better than I or II, and 
the unit is more versatile.
The previous owner upgraded mine from II to 3.0.0.
I upgraded it to 3.0.3 and very happy with it.
-- G.

To: loopers-delight@loopers-delight.com
Subject: ot: In search of suggestions for odd stompboxes
From: Rainer Straschill <moinsound@googlemail.com>
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2009 21:45:23 +0200
>Dear list,
>so I've ever so slightly started to turn my back a little to blown-up
>rack gear and complex computer systems and instead decided to fall in
>love with stompboxes a little bit.
>What I already have are mainly three delay pedals (DD20, SMM w/Hazari,
>DL4) a few KAOSS Pads (yes, you can play them with your toes), and
>then there's two of those guitar multi-effect thingies (Zoom G2.1u,
>Line6 POD X3 Live), and a few really old simple things (Ibanez AW-1,
>Boss OD-2).
>So what I'm looking for is something that can do fairly normal things
>if wanted, but can be used to completely odd, nonlinear, chaotic stuff
>with the right settings - to wreak non-deterministic havoc on my loops
>if needed.
>Any suggestions with a short description?
>               Rainer