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Re: OT : 8 khz noise problem

Erdem Helvacioglu wrote:
> hey,
> since we have a great number of guitarists on board, i would like to ask 
> something.
> i have the 3 moog pedals ( low pass filter, freq box, murf ) that were 
> bought in usa with 110v. when i connect them with seperate voltage 
> converters, there is not a problem. a technician friend of mine has made 
> a unit that is connected to these 3 units and convert the voltage. but 
> now i get a steady 8 khz frequency when these pedals are on. a very 
> annoying sounds which is loud too. i have never experienced this kind of 
> noise before. any ideas about it?

are you using the Moog PSUs with a 250>>110 converter?

Or is the device made by your friend a 250AC>>9V dc convertor.

Either way, if you just started using this new converter and
the problem suddenly appeared then it's probably the cause.

Presumably the 8k tone isn't just being generated by the lo-pass ;-)
(It does that so beautifully)