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OT : 8 khz noise problem

since we have a great number of guitarists on board, i would like to ask something.
i have the 3 moog pedals ( low pass filter, freq box, murf ) that were bought in usa with 110v. when i connect them with seperate voltage converters, there is not a problem. a technician friend of mine has made a unit that is connected to these 3 units and convert the voltage. but now i get a steady 8 khz frequency when these pedals are on. a very annoying sounds which is loud too. i have never experienced this kind of noise before. any ideas about it?
thanks as always and best regards.
p.s. by the way, check out the "signal to noise" magazine summer issue for an interview about me and 2 photos from my studio in istanbul!
Erdem Helvacioglu
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