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Re: Soundtoys (was Augustus Loop, Little Spacy and)

. For
a person that is just "checking out cool sounds" I agree that the
price might be too high compared to those free VSTs mocked up in

I don't follow the trend to assemble as many free plug-ins as possible
from the internet. To me it has proven more productive to use quite
few tools, stick with quality and put some effort into learning these
few tools well.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen

I agree Per... the computer software world is always expecting something for nothing, if it wasnt possible EVER to crack or hack anything, no one would be complaining about these prices, they are completely reasonable when you compare them to hardware equivalents...

Only thing I would say is that when I was doing computer music, the VSTs I liked the best were the ones made in SynthEdit!!! Often the huge corporations making the real PRO gear were (and are) thinking about their customers and it was the little guys who made all the cool shit...

My suggestion, PAY for the stuff you really need to be high quality , Reverbs, delays, EQs and compressors, AND have a collection of weird free stuff that gets pulled out on rainy days...