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Re: Offtopic: Violence in Iran

That´s really a shame, Omid. I read it in the newspaper and
see it on TV. The elections in your country probably haven´t been correctly.
I hope your country will soon have the same democratic structures like we have them here in most of Europe.
There is so many oppression and violence in this world.
Me as a friend of buddhism is taking care of
the situation in Tibet. This also is a nation that has been
oppressed for so long.
If anyone´s interested please have a look in the internet
Maybe this world would be a bit more peaceful if the people would care more
about music/art/culture than power and money.
Have a nice day!
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, June 22, 2009 9:52 PM
Subject: Offtopic: Violence in Iran

Hi Everybody,

an off-topic mail here...

As you surely have seen on the news, these days the islamic republic of Iran is killing the people, who just want a little freedom to live like an human.
And this goes on since 30 years now!!!

The young people inside Iran have made this resistance possible by internet and modern media (by the way the censorship-filters on internet for ayatollahs are delivered from USA!!!).
So please support the people as you can. For example post this thread:

Or however you can! There is no peace in the world until people are suppressed somewhere on the planet... 

Thanx and love,

audio visual artist
phone: +49-178-78 52 223