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Re: octave shifter for winds

L.Angulo wrote:
> it also seems to have a bit of a volume drop out when you use the pure 
>bass low octave,no?

Sorry, didn't check that.
I guess it would depend very much on any eq or
amp settings after the pedal.

I always keep a look out for sub-oct devices for 
my looping rig, but so far I've stuck with just
using EQ, single coil p/u, and playing technique 
to make bass lines. 

Stephen Scott makes some very nice bassisms with
his Korg AX3000, I wonder if Korg have that algorithm
in a smaller device.


>> I thought the Micro Pog actually had quite noticeable
>> latency just on
>> the pitch up octave.
>> I also didn't like the out of tuneness of the high octave,
>> which
>> I guess is designed for "12 guitar string" sound.