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Re: octave shifter for winds

Boy,  I have to jump in here and mention
an amazing and extremely cheap octaver pedal made by
Dan Electro called the Chili Dog.

Like the Boss OC-2   it has a mixer for
dry sound,  one octave down and two octaves down
and it just sounds much better to my ears than the Boss.

Famed ECM bassist Arild Andersen asked me to procure him an
OC-2 for his performance at the looping festival a couple of years ago.
I did, but I also told him to try out the Chili Dog as well.

He made me sell him mine when he left.

The amazing thing?      It goes for between $30 and $40  USD!

I just love it but I have not tried it out on wind instruments yet.
That reminds me,  I should try it out on a trumpet, a xaphoon,
a clarinet, a bansuri, a shakuhachi and a shenai and get back to everyone.

For guitar,  it is just stellar in my opinion.

But I'm not a guitarist.............I just play one on TV.


ps    I love my Micro Pog, by the way,  but it really is a synthesized note
and NOT a harmonized note.   It definitely has a bit of latency but
I find it to be a musical latency.

I heard Scout Nibblet play, using a Fender Mustang,   a Micro Pog and
a Big Muff and she had the best friggin' Octave fuzz sound I've ever heard
with that combination.     She just played the simplest chords
and it rocked fiercely.     I had a friend who got me a killer deal on 
the Micro Pog
and I immediately bought one.

Speaking of Scout,       I love how raw and minimal she is.  I can 
highly recommend
her to anyone who loves raw and simple rock and roll.    She also plays 
crude but effective drumset and has some songs where she just sings 
over a headbangingly simple drum beat.

For me,  it's as compelling as Howling Wolf in it's sheer emotional 
and powerful delivery.

If musical naivite bugs you,   stay far, far away from her.