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Re: OT Olympus LS-10 PCM stereo recorder

Raul asked
"... how noisy is the 3.5 mm mini-jack mic preamp, Rick?"

I honestly don't know, Raul,  having been very happy with the built in 
condenser mics
and also , mostly using it straight off the board.

I use these recordings for my releaseable CD projects (working on a 
follow up to
Translucent Dayglo Lime Green Plastic as we speak,  culling live tracks 
from the
last two European tours and American dates I've done) and I haven't had 
complaints yet.

I'm also not a golden ears person at all and I have some definite hi 
dropoffs in my hearing from years of playing very loud rock and roll, 
but I have owned the MAudio and experienced the Zoom and I think it
sounds very favorable next to them,  and has a bunch of features that 
make it
more attractive than both of those (notably the 2 gigs of onboard 
harddrive,  fantastic
for just running out the door)   and the use of 2 AA batteries instead 
of the
internal battery of the MAudio which I found really annoying and very