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Re: MY NEW TOY (+)


  New on the web site / forums

  (and let me know if I should be responding on the sight ( I will ccc

  I use a Atomic Reactor Amplifier (tube slave 18 watt 1x12, bought when 
could still get them online , I got mine at  Sam Ash (with a Podxt template
+dock included) I bought a additional dock + template for a Vox Tone Lab
(desk top modeler) well worth it, time saver and the Vov Tone lab is a pain
to change out of the dock (at least for me)

 *re Roger Linn Adrenallin III (Mine was a version II but did the dual chip
update that also included a face plate to match up with the new positions)
It added compression and reverb, more amp models + (and improved sound)

Most recent purchases have been

 a Electro-Harmonix Stereo Memory Man with Hazari (love it) and it has a
looper capabilty,and a Boss SL-20 Slicer which can bee used as a looper but
can not save the loops (puzzling) but the sounds and features wow.

And combined definitely other wordly and in line prior to the Atomic 

(with wither Podxt, Vox Tone Lab (and I have the universal template that
allows floor based effect units and or units with out a docking station/ or
template for to be used through the effects loop. (ie: Adrennalin

I have looked in to the M13 as well as the JM4, Digitech Jam Man, Akai
Headrush, the 3 Boss RC usin loopers  and the EH 2880 looper, Robert Keeley

Makes a looper (several models but the site info was vague)

I was impressed at first with the JM4 bit not any more

I think the M13 gives you a lot for the $ and the EH 2880 as well

But I am fortunate to have the gear I have

I am saving for a new Mac (A Imac 24" ) so thatıs my plan now

If I were to buy a M13 or EH 2880 my funds would take a hit

I did EH products as they are so unusual and when linked up

You get some really crazy stuff

I have wondered why Moog and its Mooger fogger pedal  line has not come up
with a looper ?

Peace and ? Should I be posting my reply on the Loopers delight site

I am thinking so please advise, Thanks!


On 6/29/09 9:05 AM, "Jeff Duke" <jeff_d@embarqmail.com> wrote:

> maybe an adrenalinn III and an M 13 would replace my whole setup...hmmm. 
> sure can't move it around now. sigh..
> Jeff
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "L.Angulo" <labaloops@yahoo.com>
> To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
> Sent: Monday, June 29, 2009 4:11 AM
> Subject: RE: MY NEW TOY
> you might also consider the adrenalinn III stomp it has killer
> tremolos,filters midi timebased fx and amp sims!
> Luis
> www.myspace.com/luisangulocom
> --- mark@grubmah.com <mark@grubmah.com> schrieb am So, 28.6.2009:
>> Von: mark@grubmah.com <mark@grubmah.com>
>> Betreff: RE: MY NEW TOY
>> An: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>> Datum: Sonntag, 28. Juni 2009, 8:58
>> The
>> Tech21 character series pedals seem pretty good. I got a
>> Blonde and a Liverpool last week. I haven't had as much
>> time to play with them as I would like, but they ought to
>> sit nicely in the effects loop of an M13. (That pairing was
>> Bill's suggestion a while back.)
>> The M13 seems like the natural evolution of the
>> Line6 stompbox modelers. It makes it easy to play with
>> combinations of effects just as the individual modelers did
>> and more or less recreates the pedal board effect. The
>> effects are interesting but not deeply interesting. The
>> Vortex has more interesting effects, but it's a pain to
>> program, a pain to switch effects on (relatively speaking),
>> and frequently noisy. For example, Line6's tremolos are
>> nice but they aren't the Shimmer effect from the Vortex.
>> Having tempo sync for the effects is nice, but I don't
>> think the M13 will sync to MIDI clock (feh, since the device
>> does have MIDI). The looper improves on the DL4 but I think
>> it's mono and there isn't the option of having it
>> generate tempo information for the effects.
>> What would be really cool (not going to happen)
>> would be for Line6 to take essentially this same form factor
>> and build a multi-looper with it possibly with a couple of
>> post-loop effects available as well. An M13, a "Loop
>> 13", and a couple of Tech21 pedals could make for a
>> powerful and portable rig.
>> Mark