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RE: Impossible Music review

> Michal i think a lot of us would be also interested in the 
> making proccess of this very interesting and delightful CD 
> feel free to tell us!

thanks Luis ... well I don't want to go into too much detail because it is
OT ... no music loops involved, although ... when I think of it, the 
of iterating through a mathematical formula is a loop !!!  it really is. I
never thought of it this way.

Anyway the formula involved here are a certain kind of attractor

In the software that I wrote in the early nineties, the attractors are 
graphically ... you begin by drawing an x,y point on the screen, then you
put these x,y values into a formula which computes a new x,y pair (or 
position). You draw that new point and go through the formula again ...
thousands of times, each time drawing one pixel. The result is a graphical
structure that often looks beautiful. My software creates shapes such as

Of course while drawing the images, you can create midi signals simply by
mapping the x,y position to pitch, and the color to velocity. Impossible
Music was created by adding midi output to the graphical program, and
plugging a digital piano into these mathematical structures. I added some
midi filters, pitch rules, etc. The rest was lots of experimentation.