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thanks Andy,

but you did answer it really. It's funny but i recently compiled alot of 
tunes  for release on Bandcamp. I realized that the best (meaning my 
favorite) sounds were all direct into the board recordings. i have used 
whatever amp/speaker modelers I had in whatever fx box I was using at the 
time. All the newer stuff was done while wearing headphones in a quiet 
I arrange it so that my chain is distortion/fuzz into amp modelers 
(currently Digitech RP 250  and or Korg AX 3000G) into modfx/delay/reverb 
into loopers into sometimes more mangle fx into mixer. Not the best way 
there ya go. i stay stereo from the outputs of the multi fx boxes. i 
want a proper mixer so that i can feed more of everything into everything 
else sort of :)
All that said i still believe that a good real amp cranked up sounds 
I just can't do that anymore in real life. I guess it come down to good 
being subjective. I am always looking for "the" sound. hmmm, maybe this? 

And your right about Bill Walker! He has the "tone"!

First cup 'o coffee wearing off, gotta go get more!



Ad astra per alia porci - Steinbeck


----- Original Message ----- 
From: "andy butler" <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk>
To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
Sent: Tuesday, June 30, 2009 10:15 AM
Subject: Re: MY NEW TOY

> Jeff Duke wrote:
>>> Rather than put two amp sims after the fx, surely it would be neater 
>>> put one amp sim between guitar and fx.
>> What would you recommend in a stereo amp sim Andy?
>> Jeff
> Oh, I'm probably the worst person to ask about amp sims ;-)
> Ask Bill Walker.
> I only really started playing electric guitar when I started looping,
> and while I played bass through a nice valve setup for years I eventually
> found that it just wouldn't reproduce the sort of playing I put into it.
> (i.e. I used to sometimes get quite a lot going at once, but wasn't
> willing to reduce the low frequency content of the sound.)
> Hence I now use JBL Eons for everything, and don't possess a decent amp 
> sim.
> Currently I'm experimenting with a Moogerfooger Lo-pass to mellow
> out the fuzzy tones from my ADA MP1 valve pre.
> However, the raw fuzz/overdrive sounds I use sound ok to me, and it seems
> also to the audience. Only knowledgeable guitarists have sometimes
> to worried that I have a flat battery somewhere ;-)
> Generally, I reckon that for a looping device, a clean full range sound 
> preferable
> so that the layers can remain distinct in the mix.
> Hence I would always put an amp sim before the looper, rather than after.
> Then it would be possible to build up a mix using different amp tones.
> My guess was that Ted wanted to "ampify" his pa speakers by putting a 
> stereo
> amp sim (two SansAmps) just in front of them.
> It's a different approach...and I don't doubt he'd make it work.
> I'd say 'hope that helps', only as I didn't
> answer the question......     :-)
> andy