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Jeff Duke wrote:
>> Rather than put two amp sims after the fx, surely it would be neater 
>> to put one amp sim between guitar and fx.
> What would you recommend in a stereo amp sim Andy?
> Jeff

Oh, I'm probably the worst person to ask about amp sims ;-)
Ask Bill Walker.

I only really started playing electric guitar when I started looping,
and while I played bass through a nice valve setup for years I eventually
found that it just wouldn't reproduce the sort of playing I put into it.
(i.e. I used to sometimes get quite a lot going at once, but wasn't
willing to reduce the low frequency content of the sound.)

Hence I now use JBL Eons for everything, and don't possess a decent amp 

Currently I'm experimenting with a Moogerfooger Lo-pass to mellow
out the fuzzy tones from my ADA MP1 valve pre.

However, the raw fuzz/overdrive sounds I use sound ok to me, and it seems
also to the audience. Only knowledgeable guitarists have sometimes
to worried that I have a flat battery somewhere ;-)

Generally, I reckon that for a looping device, a clean full range sound is 
so that the layers can remain distinct in the mix.

Hence I would always put an amp sim before the looper, rather than after.
Then it would be possible to build up a mix using different amp tones.

My guess was that Ted wanted to "ampify" his pa speakers by putting a 
amp sim (two SansAmps) just in front of them.
It's a different approach...and I don't doubt he'd make it work.

I'd say 'hope that helps', only as I didn't
answer the question......     :-)