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it seems theres an infinite number of mac's to choose from (or maybe just 3, but it's still hard to choose) anyway, I'm looking for a mac for vocal, guitar and bass recording DI and miced cabs. Also looping would be good. I've heard mobius works, does it allow multi tracks ala the roland rc-50?

in a laptop I think i need the following...

2 inputs... vocal mic + guitar mic
how much does this interface cost?

input for some sort of pedal to control mobius
gtr etc input and output for mobius
input for a midi controller (keyboard) to play cubase or logic synths
output for that
can i use those 2 ^^ inputs from before here!?

I guess I want to record drums too but they could probably just get recorded somewhere else then I can add layers here. I want to do a fair bit of drum programming (ableton probably, with dfh) to make some demo tracks for this band i'm making but my drummer of choice is out of action for 1 1/2 months with a broken foot...
How much RAM and speed do I need and how much is superfluous? including lots of overdubs! and perhaps my bro wants to do some lightshows on it too so extra room for graphics could be an option...

what's the difference between having a firewire port built in like the old ones and the pro's or not... is fiirewire essential? best quality?

sorry for rambling so much, any direction you can give would be really appreciated!


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