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Re: mac-cetera...

Hi Andy,
The "2008" white Apple Macbook with 2.4 GHz ( Dual-Core ) + 4Gb ram
should already be enough for Logic 8 or 9 + some soft synths and
Mobius. Regarding audio and midi interfaces, I can recommend the Motu
Ultralite mk3 which does all you need (have it myself). Mobius + a
flexible audio interface like the Motu can do everything the rc-50 can
plus a lot more, you can't really compare them.

> How much RAM and speed do I need and how much is superfluous?

I installed the maximum amount which is 4 Gb. Tip: buy cheap Kingston
memory chips, Apple chips are very expensive.

> what's the difference between having a firewire port built in like the 
> ones and the pro's or not... is fiirewire essential? best quality?

Firewire is good, I don't have experience with USB2 interfaces but
Motu offers models with either Firewire or USB2 for the same price.
both have been tested well by known magazines like Sound On Sound.
Sjaak Overgaauw