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New to looping..

Hi everyone,
Very glad to make your aquaintance, looper people.
I am new to this, and would very much like some advice before buying
my first piece of equipment.
I am a performing/recording percussionist playing many different
instruments, from djembe to congas to tam Talking drums to UDU clay
pot drums, and cajon. I also do grooves on the guitar, and am prone to
sing as well..anyway, the plan is to have a looping device to build
tracks for personal use...ie learning new rhythms etc, but also to
build loop tracks live.
I would very much like to be able to layer, say 10 tracks with
different instruments, an to also remove them one by one in a live
1. Would a Jamman be sufficient for this. Does it allow one to choose
which loop to delete, or would one have to undo the last loop first
2  You guys all seem very keen on Boomerang 3., but it doesn't seem to
allow one to load stuff onto the computer
3. Would the ideal combo be a Boomerang and a Jamman?!! This would
seem to cover all basses, although expensive to need both.

Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance, if anyone has the time to advise this newbe Looper 
Happy days!