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Re: New to looping..

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Tim Watson" <timwatsontim@googlemail.com>
To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
Sent: Wednesday, September 16, 2009 10:10 AM
Subject: New to looping..

> Hi everyone,
> Very glad to make your aquaintance, looper people.
> I am new to this, and would very much like some advice before buying
> my first piece of equipment.
> I am a performing/recording percussionist playing many different
> instruments, from djembe to congas to tam Talking drums to UDU clay
> pot drums, and cajon. I also do grooves on the guitar, and am prone to
> sing as well..anyway, the plan is to have a looping device to build
> tracks for personal use...ie learning new rhythms etc, but also to
> build loop tracks live.
> I would very much like to be able to layer, say 10 tracks with
> different instruments, an to also remove them one by one in a live
> situation.
> Questions
> 1. Would a Jamman be sufficient for this. Does it allow one to choose
> which loop to delete, or would one have to undo the last loop first
> 2  You guys all seem very keen on Boomerang 3., but it doesn't seem to
> allow one to load stuff onto the computer
> 3. Would the ideal combo be a Boomerang and a Jamman?!! This would
> seem to cover all basses, although expensive to need both.
> Any other ideas?

Welcome to LD and da land of loopage!

In terms of What Looper Do I Get, consider the manner in which you 
conceptualize your looping.  Personally I chose to look for equipment that 
didn't have to become an expert at using necessarily, in order to make a 
kind of mostly-passive canvas to paint upon (or throw paint at).  Others 
LD may have a different approach of course.

I don't use a Jamman, a Boomarang, or an EDP (not a knock against 'em!).  
tools of choice looping-wise are an old Digitech 7.6 "Time Machine" (base 
loop, off the EFX send/receive of the mixer), and a pair of Zoom 2100's 
(split via an a/b switch, feeding into the mixer on channels 1-4).  I 
produce my material using traditional staff/bar constructs, more on the 
level of [1] setup the main loop [2] feed selectively into it using 
momentary on-off switches to either open or kill the loop, from the Zooms, 
and soloing on top of that.

In the past several years I've been fiddling about with a number of 
loopers like Mobius and Elotronics (a VST plugin).  Now that FL Studio 9 
out, and purports to allow audio-in recording in addition to its 
features, I'll see what happens with that.  I understand Mobius is made to 
operate like an EDP.  These programs are great, are free to download btw, 
therefore worthy of consideration!

By the way, one of the wonderful things I have gotten from Loopers Delight 
is TAPE OP MAGAZINE!  Free (ad supported) and even sent to the UK now.  
latest issue was quite timely, sporting interviews with Les Paul and Ken 
Scott (the issue was received here in the UK the week Les died).  One item 
put forth in both interviews involves the eventual dominance of a 
technological method over artistic-creative endeavor, wherein one becomes 
more of a ProTools user than a musician or engineer, for example.  We've 
been having vigorous discussions about stuff like this on LD for ages.

Welcome again, and good luck!
Stephen Goodman