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Re: Alesis Multimix 8 Line. 1u mixer for looping. Mod.

Ahh SO we´re back on the 1Umixer problem again...
I am using a horrible behringer right now, its ok, very quiet, and if i could do something about NOT using the send to go to the loopers, (like a splitting thing... testing out a patchbay now) then I could use the send for something useful instead...

HOWEVER; I have a possible borrow to buy on something that might be interesting. Its the Motu Traveller, predominately a soundcard, with lots of input (digital and what not) possibilities, in fact is really a 20 input machine they say... the only prob i see is that there would be i little bit of front panel twiddling to use live, first you would select a channel to mix, then mix it...

but the ability to set up internal chain and save it seems usefull, and could be interesting... BUT.. Im not sure...certainly after connection to the computer and using onscreen mixing, one can definitely unplug the damn PC and just take the 1U to the gig..

Is anyone using this as a mixer? is it possible? I have a good price on one from a freind, who does rather ambient looping, so hes not so bothered about SPEED of use (I need to be able to grab and PLAY the mixer a bit)

Any thoughts?