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Re: OT: Mainstage patches - muddy mono feelin' :-(

OK, this is slowly starting to freak me out....

After wrongly accusing Mobius of playing mono, I realized it was Mainstage 
routing. Just when I thought it's over, I'm back there again... Aaargh...

Let me tell step-by-step what I did:
- Setup patch with SW instrument in Mainstage
- Setup bus/aux (whatever) on concert level with Mobius as Insert
- Send to bus from instrument patch

So, up to now, everything worked fine. It all sounded stereo in Mobius.

Then, I've put in a vocal channel (mono mic from my Mackie Firewire 
interface) on concert level.
Now, all of a sudden, everything is MONO - Even after I've deleted the 
vocal channel, Mobius plays back mono only!

I hope you can help me out of this muddy mono feeling... 

best regards

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