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improviso n.1

Hi, my name is Alex Klinke, this is my first post here in the
loopers-delight mailing list. I'm from Sao Paulo, Brazil, and
currently living in the city of Vancouver, Canada. Recently I started
to use loops in my compositions, and now I'm totally addicted to this
kind of language. I always find a lot of good information on this
list, and it was very helpful for me especially when I started to
configure my setup. And there's a lot of good music too!
I'm sending one of my recent compositions, it came out from an
improvisation session and turned out to be a full song. I was reading
a lot about different ways of improvising here on the list, so I think
this song should be interesting for a lot of people. I'm basically
using a laptop, running ableton live, a midi controller, and my
guitar. Hope you enjoy it.

Improviso n. 1:


And also I would like to know if there's anyone from Vancouver, BC, on
the list. I know that the looping scene is going well in Europe and
the U.S., but I don't know about here in Canada, it would be good to
know some people from here to share some music thoughts!