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Re: Drum machine

A horrible, horrible drum machine I bought in 1980 was the German
DigiDrum. It was an ugly plastic box with an output jack and a
mysterious set of on/off pins to be used for hexadecimal programming -
ouch, learning that by the manual was hurting your brain. Not to tell
how boring and non musical it was to produce with. Only the kick drum
sound was good, everything else sounded bad, bad, bad. Like if someone
had tried to use the new digital technique to replicate real drum
sounds. The earlier Dr Rhytm type of crap boxes were all much more
musical as instruments. I think the DigiDrum was the first drum
machine to use digital samples as sound sources, hence its dull sound
character (except for the kick sound). A friend also bought one and
had it rebuilt to only give the kick drum sound on a CV trig puls
(that was a good idea of abusing a stupid product for the better).
Phew, thank god we're in 2kx now and can use laptops instead of those
boxes ;-)

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.looproom.com internet music hub